Through a licence, offered by the Science Council, the Royal Society of Biology is able to offer members four registers, Registered Science Technician, Registered Scientist, Chartered Scientist, and Chartered Science Teacher in addition to our Chartered Biologist status. All those who are committed to the biological sciences in academia, industry, education and research are eligible to join their appropriate register. Registration for the UK Register of Toxicologists and BSAS Register is also available through the Society.

All these registers can be applied for and/or managed via the links on the left.

Teachers registering for Gopher Science Labs may use the link on the left. This will allow teachers to find a link school to work with to host or be guests at a Gopher Science Labs day. Secondary schools can run Gopher Science Labs days with their feeder primary schools during transition or extra-curricular science days. Firstly secondary students are trained to become demonstrators and later deliver to, and discuss the science behind some simple hands-on science activities with primary pupils during special Gopher Science Labs days. During this process the secondary students develop their skills in communication, innovation and increased self-confidence and the primary pupils learn and practice simple lab skills and the science behind the experiments.


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